I am addicted to yoga.  The high I get at the end of a practice shifts my perspective on the world daily.  By definition the word yoga can be explained as "calming the fluctuations of the mind" and letting go of extraneous tensions. I want to offer this experience to everyone.  Let the yoga come to you and see the benefits of health and fitness.  

I can come to your office/workspaceto help transform your company into a happier and more productive environment. I tailor classes to meet your employees/businesses specific needs.  The classes are carefully designed to be accessible to everyone – regardless of fitness level and skill.

Some of the direct benefits seen from clients -
Decreased resting heart rate
Decreased weight, increased muscle tone                                    Healthy eating habits formed
Decreased low back pain
Increased flexibility                                                                                 Reduce stress                                                                                                    Team building                                                                                             Increase productivity and job satisfaction                                                                           Bring mindfulness to the workplace                                                                                 Enhance focus and communication in the office