HYPE Silverlake

Yoga Director


With dynamic movement connected to the breath, these straightforward flow classes focuses on alignment to create a balanced practice.  Typically moving through a warm-up and Sun Salutations into specifically sequenced postures, working toward a particular peak pose or concept. Learn how to move your body skillfully while you sweat, stretch, strengthen, and clear your mind.  I teach all levels here, including a rad split of 30 min cycling and 30 min yoga. Check this week's schedule

1932 Hyperion Ave. Silverlake 20027



Characterized by flowing sequences that are linked to the breath. Improves strength, flexibility and toning, decreases stress and enhances body awareness. A vigourous, more athletic approach to yoga techniques. Contact me to visit for free!


Yoga for Trauma



I also am trained in leading yoga for trauma. All of our experiences--good and painful--live in our body, our muscle memory. We have the ability to create new neuropathways in our brains to change our compulsions, addictions, and reactions through practicing yoga. The foundation of yoga is built on the science of meditation, breath work, alignment, and intuitive movement.

Yoga was designed for mediation as a way to calm the nervous system and find more ease and stillness in the body and mind. This is crucial when teaching how to self-regulate through potential triggers.

Breath is a powerful tool that has been scientifically proven to shift your brain state. When you learn to manipulate your breath to create a shift in your emotional state it can be applied as a strong tool for dealing with everyday interactions and interpersonal relationships.

Understanding your physical and structural habits through alignment is one of the many ways to uncover the root cause of old defense mechanisms that are no longer of service. How the body is aligned can radically affect confidence and willingness to heal.

The body knows how to healthfully discharge unwanted stress and reset itself. Through moments of authentic, free-flowing movement you can strengthen this process and begin to trust your body’s intuition as well as create appropriate boundaries in physical space and also in relationships.


Corporate Fitness


I am addicted to yoga.  The high I get at the end of a practice shifts my perspective on the world daily.  By definition the word yoga can be explained as "calming the fluctuations of the mind" and letting go of extraneous tensions. I want to offer this experience to everyone.  Let the yoga come to you and see the benefits of health and fitness.  

I can come to your office/workspaceto help transform your company into a happier and more productive environment. I tailor classes to meet your employees/businesses specific needs.  The classes are carefully designed to be accessible to everyone – regardless of fitness level and skill.

Some of the direct benefits seen from clients -
Decreased resting heart rate
Decreased weight, increased muscle tone Healthy eating habits formed
Decreased low back pain
Increased flexibility Reduce stress Team building Increase productivity and job satisfaction Bring mindfulness to the workplace Enhance focus and communication in the office